P&G’s Everyday Me


Maybe you’re still wondering where do I get my free sample. Most of my samples are from Everyday Me by P&G. I already received few items such as Olay Bar Soap, Olay Body Wash and Joy Dishwashing Liquid.


Here’s how you can get your free samples from Everyday Me

For first time user

  • Please click the link to register.
  • Always check their website for free samples.

After registration, you will receive EverydayMe Welcome Kit.


I already post it on my other blog by clicking on the link to see what Welcome Kit contains.


Q1: How long do I receive free samples?
Base on my observation, It arrives 15 to 20 days. (Please note that I’m located inside Metro Manila) 

Q2: How often does they give away free samples?
1 to 2 times a month. It may depends on the availability of the product.

Tips on how you can get your free sample.

  •  Check their website regularly. (As in regularly!)
  • You need to be quick since there are many users who want to avail free samples too.

For now, I’m still waiting for my Oral-B and Downy samples.

I will let you know once I receive these packages.

Feel free to ask question and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Photo credits to Everyday Me for my Featured Photo


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